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GoatGoat Notable Golden

American Guernsey, Polled

Goat , American Guernsey , Dry Yearling (female) |Gold

ADGA | DOB: 4/17/2021 (1 yr)

Sire: Violetvale Apollo

HB2/American, Polled

Violetvale Apollo

American Guernsey Buck (male) Dark Gold

BGS# HB078709P DOB: 5/15/20166 yrs
Apollo has given us some beautiful conformation in his daughters, now to get some in milk.
  | BGS# HB078709P | Dark Gold
Dam: GoatGoat Kisses of Gold

Experimental 84% Guernsey, 12.5% Alpine

GoatGoat Kisses of Gold

Guernsey/Alpine/Toggenburg Doe (female) Pale Gold, Red Gold legs, undercoat

GGBoA# AG01648 DOB: 3/28/20184 yrs
Kisses is our first daughter for Judah. She also changes a lot between her summer to winter coat, more than any of our other percentage Guernsey goats. Kisses udder is looking amazing so far, and she is a beautiful doe! She peeked at just under 3/4 a gallon, a day, in 2020 as a first freshener, with nice teat length, and open orifices. Tested negative for CAE 2020. 2021 Kisses continues to please, she gave us a doe kid this year, and gave 7lbs, a day. 2022 She had beautiful, good siz ...
  | GGBoA# AG01648 | Pale Gold, Red Gold legs, undercoat

American Guernsey

Treasured Pollen

American Guernsey Buck (male) Gold

BGS#  DOB: 1/22/2022Under 1 yr
Handsome dude.
Not for Sale
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Golden is a very nice looking doe, she is first generation American Guernsey, and has Alpine and Toggenburg in her background.

Updated 9/21/2022