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GoatGoat Kisses of Gold

Experimental 84% Guernsey, 12.5% Alpine

Goat , Guernsey/Alpine/Toggenburg , Doe (female) |Pale Gold, Red Gold legs, undercoat

GGBoA# AG01648 | DOB: 3/28/2018 (6 yrs)  | Due Date: 5/15/2024

Sire: Anin's Golden Judah

American Guernsey (HB2) Reference

Anin's Golden Judah

Guernsey - American Buck (male) Gold

BGS# HB079271D DOB: 2/9/20177 yrs
I have some beautiful doe kids from Judah. He is gentle, and easy to handle, he can be stand offish with strangers. My only complaint is we have gotten a few kids with black markings from him, mostly on initial out crosses with our Alpine does. He has also had some kids with white patches. We have recorded his DNA with ADGA. We also got his Alpha S1 Casein results, which are E/F. I currently (in 2020) have only two daughters in milk to him (one milking with a precocious udder), and a friend has ...
  | BGS# HB079271D | Gold
Dam: Goatgoat Hope 4 Gold

Reference Guernsey 68% Alpine 25%

Goatgoat Hope 4 Gold

Guernsey/Alpine/Toggenburg Doe (female) Gold, Medium Hair

GGBoA#  DOB: 3/3/20168 yrs
2017 Gold is very wide in the hips and her Dam had a well attached udder for a Guernsey cross, so I am looking forward to seeing her freshen. Her Dam's Sire is my Mischievous Adam (French Alpine), and Dam's Dam is Treasured Sunrise Gloria a BGS registered FB doe. 2018 Gold is an amazing doe she gave a gallon a day at peek as a first freshener, and we milked her a total of eleven months, before drying her to kid in July. 2019 She is giving just over a gallon a day as a second freshener. She re ...
  | GGBoA#  | Gold, Medium Hair

British Guernsey/ Pure Bred

SonGlo Cloudbirth

Guernsey - British Buck (male) Gold

BGS# BG001003D DOB: 4/27/20194 yrs
I am very pleased with the daughters that we have gotten from Cloudy, we have one daughter in milk so far and she is beautiful.
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Kisses is our first daughter for Judah. She also changes a lot between her summer to winter coat, more than any of our other percentage Guernsey goats.

Kisses udder is looking amazing so far, and she is a beautiful doe! She peeked at just under 3/4 a gallon, a day, in 2020 as a first freshener, with nice teat length, and open orifices.

Tested negative for CAE 2020.

2021 Kisses continues to please, she gave us a doe kid this year, and gave 7lbs, a day.

2022 She had beautiful, good size triplets, and spit them out. I didn't get her milk measured, but seemed to milk well. We will be milking her through 2023.

Updated 3/29/2024