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Very Pretty

Goat , Alpine - American , First Freshener (female) |Broken Fancy Cou Blanc

ADGA | DOB: 5/2/2022 (1 yr)

Sire: Treasured Sunrise SC Nickle

Pretty Boy

Treasured Sunrise SC Nickle

Alpine - American Buck (male) Broken, Cou Blanc

ADGA#  DOB: 4/10/20213 yrs
We are very pleased with the kids we got from Nickel spring 2022, and retained one doe kid. He is 32 1/2" Tall, and weighs 160lbs as a one year old, fall of 2022
  | ADGA#  | Broken, Cou Blanc
Dam: Goatgoat Josie

Heavy milker

Goatgoat Josie

Alpine - American Doe (female) Chamoisee, White Patch/Star

ADGA# AA1857091 DOB: 4/16/20177 yrs
I have high hopes for Josie, her dam was not one of my best milking does, but had beautiful conformation, Josie's sire Jr has improved milk production in some of his other kids, so I am hoping that will be the case with Josie. Jr definitely helped out the milk! This girl peeked at a gallon a day as a FF this year (2019). Nice udder, teats could be a bit longer, but are not to short. Josie is giving a gallon and a half, her second freshening, 2020. Josie does develop a pocket in the fore ...
  | ADGA# AA1857091 | Chamoisee, White Patch/Star

Colquitt's Leonidas

Alpine - American Buck (male) Broken Chamoise

ADGA# AA2047202 DOB: 3/15/20195 yrs
Very exited to add this boy to our herd!
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Very nice looking girl, for our boy we got last year from Treasured Sunrise.

Updated 3/30/2024