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GoatGoat Nobleite Glitter

American Guernsey, Polled

Goat , Guernsey - American , Dry Yearling (female) |Gold

ADGA | DOB: 3/28/2021

Sire: Violetvale Apollo

HB2/American, Polled

Violetvale Apollo

Guernsey - American Buck (male) Dark Gold

BGS# HB078709P DOB: 5/15/20167 yrs
Apollo has given us some beautiful conformation in his daughters, now to get some in milk.
  | BGS# HB078709P | Dark Gold
Dam: GoatGoat Lorandite Sparkle

Experimental 86% Guernsey, 6.25% Alpine

GoatGoat Lorandite Sparkle

Guernsey/Alpine Doe (female) Mid Red-Gold, Wattles

ADGA#  DOB: 4/18/20194 yrs
Sparkle freshened very nicely, with a beautiful udder, and milk, excellent stand manners, she is an all around great doe, friendly!, but she has developed swiss facial markings, that don't meet breed standard. Update: Sparkle face when Shaved does not have the facial stripes, so she does meet standard, that means her doe kids from an American Guernsey, or higher buck, can be American Guernsey. I still need to make room for her daughter, or I would be tempted to keep her. She peeked at 7lbs a d ...
  | ADGA#  | Mid Red-Gold, Wattles

British Guernsey/ Pure Bred

SonGlo Cloudbirth

Guernsey - British Buck (male) Gold

BGS# BG001003D DOB: 4/27/20194 yrs
I am very pleased with the daughters that we have gotten from Cloudy, we have one daughter in milk so far and she is beautiful.
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Glitter is first generation American Guernsey, She has Alpine and Toggenburg in her background.
The info is incorrect on her pedigree picture, I had thought her dam had developed swiss facial stripes, but it turned out that she did meet standard.

Updated 7/11/2023