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Cross2Grace Macodamia Shell

Tall/Large Doe

Goat , American Alpine , Doe (female) |Chamoisee, black trim

ADGA# AA2088263 | DOB: 3/10/2020 (2 yrs)

Sire: Garden-Dairy Daisy's Hickory

Reference, Heavy milk lines

Garden-Dairy Daisy's Hickory

American Alpine Buck (male) Red Chamoise, Chocolate trim

ADGA# AA1836311 DOB: 4/24/20166 yrs
Hickory has a very strait top line, and so far seems to be improving top lines in his kids, but does not improve small teats. He is out of very heavy milking lines. He has given us some amazing looking does, and udders, good milk amounts, and good milk flavor, as first fresheners. We are keeping quite a few of his daughters. Hickory has some large scur horns that must be cut back once a year, and he is destructive with them. He behaves for the most part when being handled, but you need to keep ...
  | ADGA# AA1836311 | Red Chamoise, Chocolate trim
Dam: GoatGoat Hazel Nut


GoatGoat Hazel Nut

American Alpine Doe (female) Redish Chamoisee

ADGA# AA1775564 DOB: 4/7/20166 yrs
Hazel Nut is a lovely doe, with nice conformation. She has a very well attached udder, but could have bigger teats. Her milk is very good flavored, and she gave around a gallon a day as a second freshener. Machine or hand milks. I didn't get a chance to measure her milk this year, but expect that she continued to give around a gallon a day, maybe a little over.
  | ADGA# AA1775564 | Redish Chamoisee

Tall boy with a nice pedigree.

Skalkaho MK Elvis

American Alpine Buck (male) Cou Blanc

ADGA# AA1809927 DOB: 4/18/20166 yrs
Elvis is a good looking, very down hill buck, with great genetics behind him. He is fairly tall as well standing 36" at his withers, I wouldn't mind him to be a bit wider though. I'm very excited to see what he brings to our herd in 2020. He weighed 230lbs before rut 2020. 2022 we are very pleased with what we have seen of Elvis's FF daughters nice high escutcheons, good rear udder attachments, very nice fore attachments, and improvements in rear legs. Daughter's are also more down hill th ...
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Shell is looking very nice, we are hoping for improved teat length in this kid, over her dam. She is very tall for her age.

2022 Shell freshened very nicely. She peeked at a gallon and just under a half, this year as a first freshener, great milk flavor, and tons of cream. Her teat length is an improvement over her dam's, but not quit as much as I was hoping for, but we will be freshening her again. She will be available in 2023 if we get a doe kid to retain from her.

Shell is 34 1/4" tall and weighs 185lbs

Updated 9/21/2022