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GoatGoat Luster Dust (L)

Reference 62.5% Alpine25% LaMancha13.5%

Goat , Guernsey/Alpine/LaMancha , Doe (female) |Gold, white patches

GGBoA | DOB: 5/15/2019

Sire: Anin's Golden Judah

American Guernsey (HB2) Reference

Anin's Golden Judah

American Guernsey Buck (male) Gold

BGS# HB079271D DOB: 2/9/20175 yrs
I have some beautiful doe kids from Judah. He is gentle, and easy to handle, he can be stand offish with strangers. My only complaint is we have gotten a few kids with black markings from him, mostly on initial out crosses with our Alpine does. He has also had some kids with white patches. We have recorded his DNA with ADGA. We also got his Alpha S1 Casein results, which are E/F. I currently (in 2020) have only two daughters in milk to him (one milking with a precocious udder), and a friend has ...
  | BGS# HB079271D | Gold
Dam: Goatgoat Blue's Palomino (L)


Goatgoat Blue's Palomino (L)

Guernsey/Alpine/LaMancha Doe (female) Gold

GGBoA# EX01164 DOB: 4/19/20157 yrs
Palomino is a Beautiful doe altogether, and a heavy producer, giving a gallon and a quarter, a day, at peek, last year, as a first freshener! Her milk is sweet and creamy. Palomino is 50% Alpine, 25% Guernsey, and 25% LaMancha, she meets breed standard for Guernsey, other than she is a bit tall. Her dam was a Guernsey/LaMancha doe that we lost to kidney failure, as a first freshener, she was looking very promising. Her Sire, an American Alpine Buck, because we did not have any way to get a Guern ...
  | GGBoA# EX01164 | Gold
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Luster freshened with a beautiful udder, she is a friendly doe, and is well behaved for hand, or machine milking, and has good length teats, nice orifices, haven't tasted her milk yet. She was giving 2/3 a gallon a day (6lbs), but we have cut back to once a day, and haven't measured since. I will be keeping her daughter, and need to make room.

Updated 10/12/2021