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Cross2Grace Lady Lydia

Beautiful doe!

Goat , Alpine - American , Doe (female) |Brocken Chamiosee, white star

ADGA# AA2022758 | DOB: 3/8/2019 (5 yrs)

Sire: Pioneer Run Handsome Digby

Heavy milk lines, Reference

Pioneer Run Handsome Digby

Alpine - American Buck (male) Dark Chamoise

ADGA# AA1824646 DOB: 5/16/20167 yrs
Digby is a good looking, large boy, with heavy milk lines behind him. His material grandsire is Soldier-MTN Speed Jr *B. He is related to all, but a few of my does. I can send pic of his Dam on request, to see paternal sisters view his sire's link.
  | ADGA# AA1824646 | Dark Chamoise
Dam: Soldier-MTN SMFA Clara


Soldier-MTN SMFA Clara

Alpine - American Doe (female) Chamoisee

ADGA# AA1619291 DOB: 4/6/201212 yrs
Clara is a good doe with nice conformation, and a great pedigree. She has peaked at a gallon and a half, a day, since her second freshening. She would not be a doe that would milk through, as she dries up once we get the cold from our hard winters. She was freshened as a one year old. She is very easy to hand milk with large orifices. Milk flavor is ok.
  | ADGA# AA1619291 | Chamoisee

Colquitt's Leonidas

Alpine - American Buck (male) Broken Chamoise

ADGA# AA2047202 DOB: 3/15/20195 yrs
Very exited to add this boy to our herd!
Not for Sale
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Lydia is looking very nice for a one year old.

2021 Lydia kidded large twins supper easy, and has turned out just stunning in every way, except I'm hoping that her milk flavor will improve, it has a mild sour after flavor. She gave 7lbs at a month fresh, and peeked at a little over a gallon a day.

2022 Lydia had large twins again this year. We didn't get a good measurement on her production as a friend borrowed her. Her milk flavor did improve over her first freshening, and she did give over a gallon a day, after we got her back later in her lactation. We will be milking her through to 2023.

Lydia is 31 1/2" tall, and weighs 160lbs

Updated 3/29/2024