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Easy to hand milk

Goat , American Alpine , Doe (female) |Chamoisee, white blaze and splash

ADGA# AA1931571 | DOB: 3/24/2018 (4 yrs)  | Due Date: 6/24/2022

Sire: Olentangy Soul Centurion *B

Reference, Amazing Buck

Olentangy Soul Centurion *B

American Alpine Buck (male) Two-Tone Chamoise

ADGA# AA1662992 DOB: 5/10/20139 yrs
Centurion is a huge boy with a great pedigree ( see pictures above for a picture pedigree), and conformation to match. We have gotten some beautiful daughters from Centurion, and udders are looking nice, too. most of our first fresheners from him peeked over, or close to a gallon a day, with easy to hand milk teats, large orifices, and good milk flavor. I have noticed that he needs to be paired with does that have strong/strait top lines. He needs someone experienced with bucks, as he is moody, ...
  | ADGA# AA1662992 | Two-Tone Chamoise
Dam: Mischievous Chalk


Mischievous Chalk

French Alpine Doe (female) Light broken Chamoisee

ADGA# A1619599 DOB: 6/23/201210 yrs
Chalk has beautiful conformation, she is a reliable gallon a day doe, that has a lot cream, and great milk flavor. She is a sweet personality and loves to be pampered.
  | ADGA# A1619599 | Light broken Chamoisee

Handsome Boy

Cross2Grace Nobel Neshaun

American Alpine Buck (male) Broken, Chamoise

ADGA#  DOB: 3/23/20211 yr
This boy is very good looking, and mom turned out so nice we kept him. We are so thankful that God has blessed us with this boy, he has just gotten better looking as he matures.
Not for Sale
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Kinnor has a nice udder attachment, and milked well 2020 as a first freshener, she peeked at just a little over a gallon, and held close to a gallon a day. She is the favorite of this years FFs to be hand milked, with nice teat diameter/length and large orifices. She is also a large/long, friendly doe. Tested negative for CAE 2020

2021 twin does this year, Kinnor is really putting it in the bucket, not our very best udder, but one of our favorites to hand milk, with large open orifices, and nice teat length. She peeked at 12lbs.
We had intended to milk Kinnor through in 2022 but she dried herself up once we hit the sub-zero temps end of December, so we will be getting her bred.

Kinnor's June 2022 kids are available, doe kids would be good milk/show goats, her boys would be great potential pack goats.

Updated 6/18/2022